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Caithness Broch Centre

Brochs, unique to Scotland, are amongst the most studied monuments in British prehistory. A broch is a drystone tower with cells or galleries contained within the thickness of the wall. The Caithness Broch Centre explores three key areas: The 19th- and early 20th-century communities who first excavated the brochs; the communities who lived in the brochs; and the legacies the brochs bring to the present day communities.
Caithness has more brochs than any other area of Scotland; in a sense this area was the home of broch-building, and the museum shows what brochs were, how they were built, and how the broch-builders lived. There are two major themes at the Centre; brochs, and how they influence life in local communities today. One key question the Centre attempts to answer is, 'what is a broch?". Generally speaking a broch is a drystone tower, with chambers and galleries built into the thickness of the walls. CAITHNESS BROCH PROJECT Caithness Broch Project is a registered charity and aims to: Promote and Preserve existing archaeological sites in Caithness, through improved signage, access and information releases on these sites. Create an Archaeological Trail around Caithness, for locals and visitors alike to follow and discover the wonders of our past. The ultimate goal of the project, through authentic building techniques from the time, is to build a replica of an Iron Age Broch, which becomes the base for a Tourist Centre and Dry Stone Workshop.


The Old School House, Auckengill, ,
Wick, Caithness, KW1 4XP


01955 631377

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