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Dunbeath Castle

Dunbeath Castle dates from the medieval period, and was subsequently largely rebuilt and modified. The earliest certain reference to Dunbeath is a charter granting land to John de Barclay in the late 14th century.
In 1452 the lands of Dunbeath along with the Earldom of Caithness and other lands in the county, were granted to the Crichton family by King James II. Shortly after this these lands passed into the hands of the Clan Sinclair, becoming one of its principal strongholds, until being sold in 1945 by the late Admiral Sir Edwyn Alexander-Sinclair. Some of the buildings still bear the Sinclair crest. Since the war the estate has had 4 owners, two of whom were American citizens before being bought in 1997 by Tertius and Claire Murray Threipland whose family has long established connections with Caithness. The present day Dunbeath Estate has evolved greatly since those early days when the clan system was at work and is now a thriving modern Highland estate with much emphasis on welcoming visitors whether on leisure or sporting holidays. There is much to lure visitors to this far north hideaway and once tempted we find they return. The Castle gardens are a true hiiden gem of Caithness and are open to the public.


Dunbeath Castle, ,
Dunbeath, Caithness, KW6 6EE


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